Nature’s Storytellers – Youth Poetry Award Winners

Nature’s Storytellers – Youth Poetry Award Winners

Our 2019-2020 Nature’s Storytellers Writing Contest was super fun! We’re publishing contest winners here.

Below are the Youth Poetry Winners.


1st Prize, Youth Poetry



Untitled, or Nature and I

by Cody Davis


Nature and I are peculiar friends

The beauty it holds, truly has no ends

The predator stalks his prey in the night

The prey runs fast in the midst of his fright

The birds chirp echoes in the distant sky

Peace of the forest makes it amplify

All while the many fish swim in swift water

It rains, gets deep, then shallows when hotter

The water’s mist rises like the smoke

Of a burning forest’s sky covering cloak

The forest burnt from the suns scorching heat

The trees fall as dust, the burnt fruits smell sweet

As the burned sap boils and crawls to the ground

The lush green forest no longer is found

Yet this forest grows stronger tomorrow

It chooses to grow, not sit in sorrow

We watch and we love as this continues

Yet we are the cause of it’s damaged sinews

We start the fires that ruin this life

We ask why this is, while we hold the knife

We blacken the air it uses to grow

And hunt down its members for items of show

We kill and we take but we do not care

We see creatures, plants, as items to spare

Nature supplies everything that we know

Soon we’ll have none if we don’t let it grow

We want it all but lose all in the end

The more we take the less we have to bend

Without time to grow the land can not heal

No wood for your house, or food for your meal

No more beauty to see in nature’s home

No more air for us, or a green biome

We’re killing the earth and we do not care

We can keep it alive, if we do our share

We must come together and do our part

We can do all things if we’re good at heart

Reverse all this damage that we have caused

And our perfect nature needs not be paused


2nd Prize, Youth Poetry



Beautiful Creatures

by Addyson Gamache


Nature is very beautiful

Beautiful creatures

The fierce orange fox

The delicate Dahlia flowers

The Fiber Optic green grasses

The giant Ash tree that I climb all summer long

I bounce down my Basalt rock steps surrounding my castle

The beetles big and small march around my land falling in the cracks of the very dry ground

I hear the coyotes howl in the night at the moon that shines down upon my bedroom light

Fresh air, fresh air come with me through my imaginary play

For you are real

You fresh air, are my favorite natures gift to me and all your beautiful creatures



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