Earth Week Scavenger Hunt

Earth Week Scavenger Hunt

This year, we’re not gathering for an Earth Week celebration. We still want to offer some ways for local families or individuals to engage with the beautiful wildflowers and plants currently blooming in the shrub-steppe. So Check out our Earth Week Scavenger Hunt! 

Find 6 of the 8 listed plants – all blooming now in and above Cowiche Canyon or at Snow Mountain Ranch – and you can enter a raffle to win a CCC t-shirt! 

How do you enter the contest? Two easy ways:

  1. Email Cy ( with a list of the plants you found, and a picture of one of them for verification.
  2. Post any of the Scavenger Hunt plants on your Instagram and tag Cowiche Canyon or Snow Mountain Ranch as your location.

The deadline to submit is Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

Our friends Washington Native Plant Society have also produced a great scavenger hunt that you can print and take into the field with you! Check it and other resources out here. There’s also a Spanish version! Incluye una versión en español!




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CLOSURE (1/23/22): All single track trails at Rocky Top are CLOSED due to mud. Closure protects fragile trails and lands from damage. Rocky Top trails will likely re-open on April 1, after winter damage is repaired. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will be monitoring CCC trail conditions for mud. If you find significant mud, please let us know, and turn around to prevent trail damage. Thank you!

Detailed trail conditions here.