Announcing 2023 Nature’s Storytellers Award Winners

nature's storytellers 2023

Announcing 2023 Nature’s Storytellers Award Winners

Our 2023 Nature’s Storytellers Writing Contest Award winners have been announced!

Here you’ll find links to award winning poems and stories from writers of all ages from Central Washington. There are stories about rattlesnakes, dryads, trickster foxes, and comical hikes. There are poems about fire, gifts, interconnectedness, and the deep time of a special river. We hope you enjoy them!

Thank you to everyone who submitted, and special thanks to those brave souls who read their works live as part of the Live Reading event at Wesley United Methodist Church.


2023 Nature’s Storytellers Award Winners

Judges: Carolyn Calhoon, Claire Carpenter, and Ed Stover


YOUTH PROSE (12 and under)

1st Place: “The Umtanum Falls Trip” by Wyatt Comfort



1st place: “Predator-Prey, Life and Death” by Gavyn Osborn 

Tie 2nd place: “Waiting Grey” by Malakai Wartes

Tie 2nd place: “Hold On” by Eden Hayes

Honorable Mention

“Rainier” by Natalie Jacobs

“Yakima” by Isla Hubbs



1st place: “Repercussions of Curiosity” by Gavyn Osborn

Tie 2nd place: “Her Purpose” by Rachel Hede

Tie 2nd Place: “The Curious Dryad” by Gracee Gill

Honorable Mention:

“Adeline’s Plum Tree” by Serenity Manjares

“A Stone’s Wish” by Chris Sanches

“My Home” by Olivia Brickey

“Schneider Springs Fire” by Charlotte Marney

“The Beauty of Fishing” by Alex Sigler

“The First Hunt” by Clayton Fogelsong


1st place: “The Yakima River” by Joseph Powell

2nd place: “Wild Blackberry Jam ” by Dotty Armstrong

Honorable Mention:

“Bachelor Creek” by Terry Lockett

“Autumnal Memorial” by Marie Marchand

“An Orchard” by Rob Schnelle



1st place: “Once More to Wire Lake” by Rebecca Agiewich

Tie 2nd place: “Cascade Park and The Back Side of Manastash” by Siera Floyd

Tie 2nd place: “The Mourning Tree” by Kate Bowditch


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