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There are many ways to experience Shrub-Steppe.

Cowiche Canyon Conservancy holds a variety of events and activities to increase opportunities for kids and adults to learn about the unique natural environment of the shrub-steppe and connect people to these lands. We work with a variety of partners including other non-profit organizations, schools, and local, state, and federal agencies to engage the community with our work and build support for our conservation work. 


A collaboration of the Yakima Symphony Orchestra, Cowiche Canyon Conservancy, and friends celebrating nature as a storyteller, through which we learn about the science and myths of the natural world and our connections within it


From the rugged Garry Oak tree to the fragile threads of a spider’s web, nature is full of stories that reveal our intimate connection to the natural world.


The art exhibit will be on display January – March 2020 at Essencia Artisan Bakery.


The exhibit includes 25 works of art from 16 local artists:


Chloe Waham | Betsy Bloomfield | Sharon Cox | David Hagen | Linda Ritch | Cecilia Marie Hudon | Ivan Baumbach | Michelle Baumbach | Marlene Simla | Joan Eckman | Nancy Lust | Sheryl Pickering | Mikaela Lemus | Mary Lemus | Asiah Schaffer | Mary Lou Rozdilsky


Email info@cowichecanyon.org with questions.

Ditch Bank Trail by Sheryl Pickering
Ditch Bank Trail by Sheryl Pickering
Wasp - Wandering & Wondering by Nancy Lust
Wasp - Wandering & Wondering by Nancy Lust
Sweet Release by Joan Eckman
Sweet Release by Joan Eckman


Wednesday, February 19, 7pm

Antolin Cellars (14 North Front St. Yakima, WA)

Join us at Antolin Cellars for our first ever Nature’s Storytellers live reading event. The evening will feature a variety of performances — prose and poetry — from writing contest winners and honorable mentions. The evening is family-friendly. So grab a glass of wine (or juice) and enjoy stories inspired by our local surroundings and non-human neighbors.


Our Community Walks are family friendly and educational. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming walks in 2019.

Community Walks are open to all ages. Walkers should wear sturdy shoes and outdoor clothes and come prepared for any weather. Walks typically last 1.5 – 2 hours. Feel free to bring binoculars and cameras. Call (509) 248-5065 with questions or email info@cowichecanyon.org. Directions to all of our trailheads can be found on the Trails Page.


Our Winter Lecture Series explores scientific concepts and phenomena related to the shrub-steppe. All the lectures are open to the public and free of charge.


Tuesday, February 11, 7pm 

Yakima Valley College – Glenn Anthon Hall

Local arborist Sean Tait will make the case for a new understanding of tree intelligence. Based on recent scientific discoveries and his own personal experience, Sean will describe his own path toward a deeper understanding of how trees talk, share, learn, make decisions, and even remember. Join us to deepen your appreciation for how trees sense the world.


About Sean Tait

Sean is the owner of Leaf on the Wind Arboriculture


Tuesday, March 10, 7pm 

Yakima Valley College – Glenn Anthon Hall

Kristina Ernest will address how road infrastructure affects ecology in Washington state. She will share some of her current research about the impacts of Highway 90. What do the recent wildlife bridges mean for habitat connectivity?


About Kristina Ernest

Kristina is a professor of Biology at Central Washington University.  She studies population and community ecology with a particular interest in community structure, plant-herbivore interactions, and tropical biology. She is currently investigating ecological connectivity of pika populations in the central Washington Cascades across Interstate 90.