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By volunteering with CCC, you can help strengthen our lands, our trails, and our community. If you’re interested in joining one of the Volunteer Teams below, please fill out a Volunteer Application.


Help restore and build the trails that keep our community healthy! Trail Work parties are fun, educational, and productive. Work includes:

  • Restoring and building trails.
  • Building and repairing infrastructure.
  • Sign installations and improvement.


If you like to get your hands dirty, join our Stewardship Team! Work is fun, educational, and satisfying. Work includes:

  • Helping with monitoring and data-gathering
  • Clearing land of noxious weeds.
  • Planting for restoration


As a member of our Trail Talks team, you can help engage and educate school-aged children as part of our interactive science-based field trip program. This program combines learning stations and nature walks to nurture an appreciation of natural phenomena while supporting national science standards.

  • Field Trips take place during weekday school hours (9a to 3p) during the spring and early summer.
  • You don’t need to be familiar with our curricula, but you do need to be familiar with Snow Mountain Ranch trails.
  • To participate, you will need to pass a Washington State patrol background check.


As part of our Trail Guide team, you will lead or co-lead family-friendly educational walks.

This is a process – a rewarding and educational one! You’ll learn to communicate about essential shrub-steppe plants, wildlife, and natural history. You’ll also learn CCC trails intimately. To become a certified Trail Guide, we simply ask that you:

  • Attend three or more Community Walks as a participant.
  • Are familiar with the CCC trails network.
  • Read CCC’s Field Guide to get familiar with fundamental shrub-steppe ecology and wildlife.


Trail Ambassadors are community volunteers that serve as friendly and informative points of contact with trail users to support safe and responsible use of trails. Ambassadors encourage users to follow CCC guidelines and Leave No Trace principles while also acting as eyes and ears on the trail. To learn more about the Trail Ambassador program, check out these Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining the team, please contact Cy (eco@cowichecanyon.org).


Whether you like to talk or work behind the scenes to facilitate educational events, the Events Team may be for you. Throughout the year, CCC organizes a host of  educational events and fundraisers – large and small. We can use community help:

  • Tabling on behalf of CCC to communicate recreational and educational opportunities.
  • Event set up and take down for fundraisers and other community events.
  • Office tasks – such as labeling and mailing event reminders and thank yous.


To join one of the Volunteer Teams on this page, we ask that you fill out our Volunteer Interest Form to select the best fit for you and let us know about your own volunteering interests.  Please fill out the form and send it to our Development and Admin Assistant (Kristi: office@cowichecanyon.org).

If you have any questions about volunteering requirements or opportunities, or if you have ideas of your own, please contact our Development and Admin Assistant (office@cowichecanyon.org) Thank you!

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